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The dU/dNTP mix is 10mM each, which containing sodium salts of dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dUTP, each at 10mM in water. So the total concentration of nucleotide is 40mM. For direct use in PCR with Taq DNA Polymerase, reverse transcription and other applications.
Quality Control:
Functionally tested in PCR with Taq DNA Polymerase.
Greater than 99% purity of each component confirmed by HPLC.
Free of human and E.coli DNA.
Free of endo-, exodeoxyribonuclease, ribonuclease, phosphatase and nicking activities.
For use in all molecular biology applications including PCR, real-time PCR & RT-PCR with Taq DNA Polymerase, cDNA synthesis, MDA and DNA sequencing.
dNTP/dUTP mix is not suitable for PCR with proofreading enzymes or enzyme mixes containing proofreading enzymes.
Store at -20°C.

MOQ: 50 ml of each

Packing Size: 50 ml

Bulk size is available. Please contact at

dNTP/dUTP mix [bulk package: 50ml]

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