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Product Name: 2’-Deoxyuridine-5’-Triphosphate, Sodium Salt (dUTP)

Molecular Formula: C9H12N2Na3O14P3

Molecular Weight: 468.1 (free acid)

CAS Number 1173-82-6 (free acid)

Appearance: Clear Colorless solution

Concentration: 100mM±5% Purity (HPLC) ≥99%

λmax 267nm±2nm

Absorbance Rations :A250/A260 0.73±0.03 (pH 7.0)

A280/A260 0.38±0.03 pH (22~25C) 7.0±0.1

Applications: For use in all molecular biology applications, including PCR, real-time PCR and RT-PCR with Taq DNA Polymerase, cDNA synthesis, and primer extension.

Quality Control Molecular Biology Grade

1. The concentration is verified by optical density spectrophotometry.

2. This preparation is free of DNase and RNase contamination as determined by incubation of the dUTP with radioactive substrates.

3. The purity of this preparation is determined by HPLC. The minimum passing specification for the triphosphate content is >99%.

4. This lot of dUTP has been performance tested with Taq DNA polymerase, Pfu DNA polymerase.

Storage Recommendations

Long term (Infrequent use; 1-2 times per month): -70 C

Daily/Weekly use: -20 C

Always avoid freeze-thaw cycles or exposure to frequent temperature changes.

These fluctuations can greatly alter product stability.

Note:the 100mM dUTP is not suitable for PCR with proofreading enzymes or enzyme mixes containing proofreading enzymes.

Packing Size: 25ml

Bulk size is available. Please contact at

100mM dUTP:100mM dUTP solution [bulk package:25ml]

SKU: MD-DN5331
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